AvalonCS FoF Servers Closing Due to Developer’s Actions

We have a very important announcement for all players of the Fistful of Frags game, whether members or not, who use our servers.

AvalonCS is a european community that has been offering quality game servers since its inception, carefully prepared and configured specifically to offer the best performance to all players, within what is technically possible and following the recommendations of the developers and official collaborators in addition to betting for fair and transparent moderation based on criteria and not prejudices.

Even though the game did not have a significant community base, we accepted the request to create servers for that game, to please our community and other players. In fact, for many years, it has been one of the best servers there has been in terms of performance and quality, something that many players appreciated.

A few weeks ago, we received messages from our members warning that our servers were not appearing in the master server list and could only be accessed using the game development console and knowing the servers’ IP address.

After a thorough investigation, the Staff discovered that the servers were working perfectly and there were no technical problems (a fact confirmed by their technical support).

However, we also discovered that the developers abused the functionality of the file to add to the list of blocked servers all the IP addresses of those communities that were not liked by the development team. This file is included in all games based on Half-Life that use the Source engine and must always be empty, since the decision whether certain servers do not appear in searches or not depends exclusively on the client’s criteria, never on the developers. . Furthermore, blocking access to the master server of community servers is an exclusive ability of the Valve company and under very exact legal conditions and with judicial permission.

We are completely unaware of the real reasons why this situation has arisen and we are surprised that a developer has taken this action against our community. These types of actions represent a dangerous precedent and an irresponsible action that only results in a significant loss of players who trust exclusively in our community and the values it represents.

However, this is not an isolated case, since other communities have reported on their social networks (since the Steam forums cannot comment without being censored by the game team) having suffered this type of situation with their servers in the game.

Although Valve does not recommend this type of actions under any circumstances in its guide called Steam Best Practices, which publishes a series of recommendations and guidelines for developers who use the services offered by Steam, the FoF team has completely ignored it, falling into a spiral of hatred and witch hunt that has meant losing the few communities that remained, leaving only 80 players in this game.

As a solution to this situation to avoid escalations of attacks and to be able to continue with our strategy and for the benefit of our community, we have decided to permanently close our servers and dedicate them to other games demanded by our community, which are more respectful and open to players.

Edit 15/02/2024

Nine months ago we closed the servers (not for lack of players or desire) and we warned in this post of the dangers that the FoF staff were (and continue to do).

For months they have been pursuing a community that banned those moderators because they did not respect the server rules, which are public and accessible to anyone and easy to find. A very similar persecution that they did to other communities. Although here, they don’t even bother to hide it, first as notes within the press releases they publish and then making a statement with the corresponding defamations.

However, if the server belongs to a friend, hate crimes are very justified. We leave here an article where a player denounces the anti-Semitism of the admin and the only thing he receives from the official team is a “those are their rules, screw you” (not with those words but it means that). Different measures to promote hatred towards Jews and hatred in general.

These types of acts confirm the collapse of a very good and fun game idea, to satisfy the imperious needs for power of mediocre characters who behave like Obersturmbannführers and who are only looking for a false way to give meaning to their empty lives while expelling those people who only want peace, fun and camaraderie.

Rest in peace.

Written By AvalonCS Staff

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