Server Rules

Coexistence and Respect

The rules of our community provide an environment where harmonious coexistence between its members is guaranteed, respecting their diverse cultures and perspectives on life and in which the fundamental principles on which justice is built are established. We want to create a place where we can play in a fair and pleasant way, where we can maximize the positivity in the experience of each of our players without without detracting from other players.

Don't abuse report system

Reporting players for breaking the rules, knowing their falsehood of that fact, seeking to have community staff sanction an innocent person, or reporting a player many times without completing the investigation by community staff and/or in such a way that it could constitute harassment is totally prohibited.

No Excessive Camping

Staying in a “strategic” location for a long period of time (determined by staff) to kill enemies is prohibited. This rule only applies to those servers and/or game modes that involve pitting players against other players.

No Spawnkilling

Those players who kill enemy players in the areas designated for respawn and/or in nearby areas, preventing the victim from carrying out the actions allowed by the game mechanics in a normal or expected manner, will be punishable. This rule only applies to those servers and/or game modes that involve pitting players against other players.

No TeamKilling

Deliberately killing a teammate under any circumstances is strictly prohibited.

No Hacking / Cheating

The use of programs, scripts, macros and any type of software or hardware that modifies the platform’s system memory during game play, or modify files that comprise a game, to achieve a desired effect during game play or that allow you to gain an advantage over other players or that allows actions not foreseen in the game mechanics or any other action at the discretion of the staff that detracts from the players’ gaming experience is absolutely prohibited. This includes game cracking and/or any form of hacking or cybercrime.

No Spam

Repetitive or misleading texts, advertising, or playing annoying sounds to disrupt the gameplay experience is not allowed.

No External advers without permission

Making any type of advertising about any type of object, services or others without explicit permission from the Platform Admin and/or whoever it delegates is totally prohibited.

Respect all players

Any offensive behavior based on personal characteristics or spreading harmful information will be dealt with severely.

Obey Staff

Compliance with the instructions of community administrators is mandatory for maintaining order and integrity.

Respect Server Integrity

Exploiting server vulnerabilities or engaging in malicious acts will result in penalties.

No Discussing Politics

Political discussions are not permitted within the community, including on servers, services, or social networks.

No Griefing

Intentionally harassing, trolling, or engaging in disruptive behavior that hinders the enjoyment of others will result in punishment.