Report Players

Collaborate against rulebreakers

AvalonCS is one of the few communities in the gaming world committed to ensuring that our servers have a safe, respectful and clean environment from cheaters who destroy the good atmosphere and fun on our servers. The collaboration of the members and supporters of our community is an important pillar to meet our objectives, which is why we ask for citizen collaboration to stop these undesirables and promote a positive and inclusive gaming experience.


In order to process the report correctly and guarantee fairness on our servers, we will only accept reports made through the indicated channels. It is necessary that you provide us with as much information as possible without omitting details and without manipulating the information:

  • Game
  • Server Name or Port
  • Steam Name / Account Name
  • Steam ID / Account ID

Describe clearly with all details what that player did, including the context of the situation. If you know the rules of the server, indicate which rules have been broken. Any evidence you have, that can be:

  • Demo(s)/Recording(s) (Recommended)
  • Screenshots (Multiple needed)
  • Client Console logs (Not recommended)

To ensure that if administrators take action, it is fair, it is necessary to present some type of evidence (except when the evidence is statements in the chat, which we have the records).

DISCORD: Join our Discord Group and open a ticket using 📑•ticket channel and write there all information we require. Don’t forget any detail and be respectful. This isn can only be seen by the administrative staff of the community and where we will treat your report with privacy and discretion

NO MORE ROOM IN HELL: NMRIH players can send (as an alternative to Discord) an email to the following address:

Note: To ensure two-way email communication, we strongly recommend that anyone contact us using an email provider other than Microsoft’s Outlook / Exchange / Office 365 as they block our email.