Punish Rulebreakers


Reporting those who fail to abide by the rules, we ensure a fair and safe environment for everyone involved. Your action plays a significant role in upholding the integrity of our community and fostering a positive gaming experience for all. Together, we can create a better and more inclusive gaming community by holding individuals accountable for their actions.

What we want

In order to process the report correctly and guarantee fairness on our servers, we will only accept reports made through the indicated channels.

It is necessary that you provide us with as much information as possible without omitting details and without manipulating the information:

  • Game
  • Server Name and/or Server port
  • Steam Name (or if the game is not in Steam, account name)
  • Steam ID (or if the game is not in Steam, account unique ID)
  • Describe what that player did, including the context of the situation. If you know the rules of the server, indicate which rules have been broken
  • Any evidence you have, that can be:
    • Demo(s)/Recording(s) (Recommended)
    • Screenshots (Multiple needed)
    • Client Console logs (Not recommended)

We will not accept any report without proof. Here the principle of innocence applies, that is, one is innocent until proven otherwise.

For your convenience, you can use this example:

Hello admins, I make a complaint against the following player:

- Game is No More Room in Hello
- Server was Custom Maps + Inf. Ammo (25004)
- His name is [SVK]Gaben
- His Steam ID is STEAM_0:0:19737405
- We joined half hour ago and was playing normal, doing objectives. Then this guy joined server and i think he was using aimbot because kill all zombies with only one shot. He is breaking "No Hacking" rule.
- Evidences: a demo (file cheater.dem) and some screenshots (Attached after the message)

I request that this player be punished, please.

I am available for any question or clarification.

Where to send

You have these ways to send us your report:

ALL GAMES: Through the 📑•ticket channel, where you can open a ticket that can only be seen by the administrative staff of the community and where we will treat your report with privacy and discretion

NO MORE ROOM IN HELL: NMRIH players can send (as an alternative to Discord) an email to the following address: nmrih@avaloncs.net

Note: To ensure two-way email communication, we strongly recommend that anyone contact us using an email provider other than Microsoft’s Outlook / Exchange / Office 365 as they block our email.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

How i get Steam ID of player i want to report?

If both (you and the player) are on the server, open console (In NMRiH, with button F1) and type the command “status” and hit enter. Look for the players name and to the right of it should be their SteamID3. Copy and paste it into website https://steamid.io and look for the box labeled “Steam ID”.

But if player left, you can see last players you matched in the Steam interface, into the game (press Mayus + Tab), press button “View Players”, then in tab “Recent players” (or something like that) and open the profile you want in in-game browser. Then, copy the URL and use it in your report.

How i can record a demo?

In order to record/play demos, you need to enable console. To enable console, you need to open “options” click “Advanced” and check “Enable Developers Console” To record a demo, you open console (press “~”) and type “record “. Type “stop” to end the recording.

Where is saved my demos?

The quickest way to find where your recorded demos are located, just open Steam, right-click in the game you want (example No More Room in Hell), click “Properties”, click “local files” and “Browse Local Files”. Once there, all you do is open the folder with the acronyms / initials of the game.

When a report is considered "abusive"?

A report by a player is only considered abusive when it is made maliciously and knowing that it is false.