We launch our new community website

After a shine of existence, it was time to give our website and domain a makeover.

Our community is an incredible place where we are delighted to bring together passionate players from all corners of the world to explore and enjoy our treasure. We would never have imagined that this moment would come.

We continue moving forward without forgetting our roots

Our main goal is to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all players, regardless of their experience level or gaming preferences. Whether you’re a veteran who’s spent countless hours mastering the art of RPGs or a curious beginner taking your first steps into the world of video games, you’ve come to the right place!

Here we will explore various video game genres, from the classic and nostalgic to the most avant-garde and modern. We’ll also cover industry-related topics such as technological advancements, independent game development, and the latest news on the industry’s top companies.

Changes we made to our website

We have changed our web domain. After many years with the domain avaloncs.group we have obtained, after much effort, a new domain with the .net extension, much shorter and more memorable.

On the other hand, we have reformed the website and its image, making it a place of transparency, clarity, professionalism and that is really useful, offering the necessary information and organizing it in a simple way.

Welcome to our new community news channel, where fun and camaraderie merge into an unforgettable experience!

Written By AvalonCS Staff

We are a vibrant gaming community made up of enthusiastic players and dedicated administrators. Our community was founded with the goal of creating an inclusive and enjoyable environment for gamers of all ages and skill levels. We believe in the importance of camaraderie and mutual respect, and we strive to maintain a welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels included. Join AvalonCS and dive into a world of fun, friendship, and thrilling challenges. We look forward to seeing you soon on our servers and forums!