Appeal Ban

Demostrate your innocence

Our community has well-defined rules and protocols that guarantee the proper functioning of the community and justice on our social networks and our servers. However, Therefore, this community allows sanctioned players to reasonably claim their sanction to be partially or completely removed.


To expedite and manage your application efficiently, it is necessary that you provide us with some information. There is no guarantee that simply appealing will reduce or eliminate the sanction imposed.

Include the following details in your appeal:

  • Game where the event occurred
  • Name or address of the server where the event occurred
  • The name or username of your account
  • Steam ID/Account ID
  • Reasonably justify why you think your ban/gag/silence should be reduced or eliminated. Keep in mind that it is important to demonstrate reliably and being totally respectful to the staff that there has been a mistake with the sanction. You can use any content that is relevant to the case and as long as its presence is justified. Allegations without indestructible evidence or disrespectful behavior towards administrators will result in an automatic rejection of the appeal and may result in a permanent ban from access to our servers.

In order to unify where they are received and to facilitate the management of the appeals, you must join our Discord Group and open a ticket using 𒋝🌸₊゚ticket channel and write there all information we require. Don’t forget any detail and be respectful. This can only be seen by Staff and where we will treat your report with privacy and discretion.