Appeal Ban

Demostrate your innocence

Our community has well-defined rules and protocols that guarantee the proper functioning of the community and justice both on our social networks and on our servers. However, we are human and can make mistakes in more complex cases, which is why we make available to anyone the procedure to follow in order to appeal any sanction imposed.


When appealing a ban, please provide the following information to help us assist you in resolving the issue. Please note that appealing does not guarantee a reduction or removal of the ban. Before proceeding, ensure that you get all the data we require.

Accusations without undestructible proofs or disrespectful behavior towards administrators will result in an automatic rejection of the appeal and may lead to a permanent ban from our servers.

Include the following details in your appeal:

  1. Game
  2. Steam Name / Account Name
  3. Steam ID / Account ID
  4. Why you believe your ban/gag/mute should be lowered or removed.

DISCORD: Join our Discord Group and open a ticket using 📑•ticket channel and write there all information we require. Don’t forget any detail and be respectful. This isn can only be seen by the administrative staff of the community and where we will treat your report with privacy and discretion

NO MORE ROOM IN HELL: NMRIH players can send (as an alternative to Discord) an email to the following address:

Note: To ensure two-way email communication, we strongly recommend that anyone contact us using an email provider other than Microsoft’s Outlook / Exchange / Office 365 as they block our email.