Our community opens the admin recruitment period

AvalonCS Community is excited to announce that we are looking to recruit administrators and moderators to strengthen our team across various gaming platforms! If you are an active and committed member of AvalonCS, this is your opportunity to make a difference and contribute even more to the growth and vibrant community we have built together.

Here is a list of what we positively value in applicants:

  • Knowledge and Experience in the Community: We value those who have been within the community for a while, who know its ins and outs, and who are committed to its growth and development.
  • Demonstrable Experience: If you have previous experience in moderation or administration roles, that’s a big plus! We are looking for individuals with proven skills who can contribute effectively from day one.
  • Communication and Socialization Skills: The ability to effectively communicate and socialize with community members is crucial. We are looking for individuals who can build strong relationships and foster a friendly and welcoming environment for all.
  • Long-Term Commitment and Respect for Schedules: We expect our administrators and moderators to be committed in the long term and capable of adhering to the schedules they propose, ensuring a constant and consistent presence in the community.
  • Ability to Moderate and Maintain a Positive Atmosphere: Administrators and moderators are responsible for maintaining a positive atmosphere in the community. This includes answering questions, providing assistance to members, ensuring compliance with community rules, and collaborating with the existing team to improve the overall user experience.

We are currently seeking individuals interested in moderating and administering for the following games:

  • No More Room in Hell: A cooperative first-person survival horror game set in a zombie apocalypse. Players must work together to survive against hordes of undead enemies while scavenging for resources and completing objectives.
  • Palworld: A multiplayer open-world sandbox game where players can explore, build, farm, and raise fantastical creatures called “Pals” in a vibrant and colorful world filled with adventure and discovery.
  • Minecraft: A sandbox game where players can build and explore virtual worlds made up of blocks. From constructing elaborate structures to surviving against various threats in survival mode, Minecraft offers a wide range of gameplay experiences.
  • Other Gaming Servers: We are also looking for moderators and administrators for various other gaming servers within our community.

If you identify with these values and believe you have what it takes to be an administrator or moderator at AvalonCS for any of these games, we would love to receive your application. Please send your application following instructions in Staff Recruitment section, as well as any other relevant information you think might help us get to know you better.

We look forward to receiving your applications and working together to make AvalonCS an even better place for everyone!

Written By AvalonCS Staff

We are a vibrant gaming community made up of enthusiastic players and dedicated administrators. Our community was founded with the goal of creating an inclusive and enjoyable environment for gamers of all ages and skill levels. We believe in the importance of camaraderie and mutual respect, and we strive to maintain a welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels included. Join AvalonCS and dive into a world of fun, friendship, and thrilling challenges. We look forward to seeing you soon on our servers and forums!