AvalonCS is one of the few communities that continues to maintain its servers offering the latest game updates and a pleasant gaming experience for all levels and experiences. For this reason, we continue to update the servers following some suggestions from our players, guaranteeing their proper functioning and, therefore, good quality.

Here we are going to count the updates that we have made and that we have published on Discord in the last few weeks:

  • We have updated the operating system of our dedicated server to Debian. It offers greater stability, greater performance, it has a greater number of packages (programs and libraries) that we can use to improve the performance and security of the server. In fact, it has gone from being available 95% to 99% of the time.
  • We have improved our security to prevent cyber-attacks on our server and prevent unwanted intrusions, giving players the peace of mind that they are protected and in good hands.
  • The NMRiH servers have been modifying and configuring as recommended by the game developers, ensuring to maximize the good gaming experience of our members.
  • We have updated our list of maps, adding more than 30 new maps to the servers that have been verified to be playable and have no bugs (or failing that, slight bugs that do not affect the playability of the map) and we continue adding maps according to the suggestions of our players. We updated maps we had in the server and deleted some of them causing problems due to lack of maintenance of authors.
  • We have updated two servers. One of them is unique in the game since it offers infinite clip, that is, it is not necessary to recharge and the variety of maps that we have already been offering on some servers. As a novelty, and to add difficulty to the server, players will have different difficulty levels, in which it will be more difficult to kill zombies. On the other hand, we have updated our classic server to add the map collections that we have on other servers.

Our community is important and they trust us, which is why we offer the best and actively listen to the players.

Thanks for trusting us.