We want to communicate important news to our community of Fistful of Frags players.

For many years we have been selflessly offering quality servers, specifically prepared to offer the best performance, fair and transparent moderation following the internal protocols of our community and carefully complying with the conditions and standards defined by the developer.

A request that, despite the game not having a significant community base, we agreed to to please our community and other players. In fact, for many years it has been one of the best servers there have been, in terms of performance and quality, something that many players appreciated.

However, as of a few weeks ago, our servers did not appear in the master server list. We are completely unaware of the reasons why this situation has arisen and we are surprised that a developer has taken this action against our community. These types of actions represent a dangerous precedent and an irresponsible action since it represents a significant loss of players who trust exclusively in our community and the values it represents.

However, this is not an isolated case, since other communities have reported on their social networks (since Steam forums cannot comment without being censored by the game team) having suffered this type of situation with their servers in the game.

Although Valve does not recommend this type of actions under any circumstances in its guide called Steam Best Practices, which publishes a series of recommendations and guidance for developers who use the services offered by Steam, the FoF team has completely ignored , falling into a spiral of hatred and witch hunts and, therefore, an impressive loss of players (going from 450-500 daily players to just 80-100 daily players on average).

As a solution to this situation to avoid escalations of attacks and in order to continue with our strategy and for the benefit of our community, we have decided to permanently close our Fistful of Frags servers and take advantage of them to create other servers for other more profitable games, more in line with the demands of our community and above all more respectful and open to players.