Our community has been offering a wide range of high-quality servers for players from all over the world since 2018. A pleasant and fun plaIce for everyone, with the same enthusiasm and integrity as the first day.

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High Quality Servers

We have servers dedicated exclusively to our community, in which we control all aspects (software, hardware, …). We hate waiting 25 minutes to download everything to enter the server.

Pro Chat Voice for everyone

Apart from our Discord group, we offer a high-performance TeamSpeak 3 server. We know how important it is to communicate without affecting gaming performance.

Forbidden Cheaters

We take cheating seriously. We have mechanisms to detect them. There are no exceptions for ANYONE.

No Pay 4 Win. No VIP. No Privileges.

On servers that offer privileges, they end up being abused. We do not sell ourselves for four coins. Equality between players is real. No classism for economic reasons.


Things are appear. We do not hide anything. Nothing to ban for nonsense. We are open and transparent in all aspects of the community.

Professional Staff

Administrators are chosen based on their merits and experience based on transparent criteria. No corruption. We want human quality. In addition, the admins, once accepted, are trained to comply with our internal protocols.

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[NMRiH] New updates to our NMRiH Servers

[NMRiH] New updates to our NMRiH Servers

AvalonCS is one of the few communities that continues to maintain its servers offering the latest game updates and a pleasant gaming experience for all levels and experiences. For this reason, we continue to update the servers following some suggestions from our...

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