Since 2017, we have been offering the best European servers to a community passionate about gaming. Our goals are to unite players, share experiences and create real friendships, something we do with the same enthusiasm and integrity as the first day. Tens of thousands of players trust our servers annually and from all over the world since we started as a safe, friendly and calm space.

High Quality Servers

Secure, fast and very efficient own servers without intermediaries, managed directly by us in all technical aspects to guarantee that players from all over the world can enjoy our servers.

No Cheating

Our servers have active and passive measures to prevent this. In addition, we have a reporting protocol for a transparent process that respects the presumption of innocence.



Information of our community is public and accesible to everyone. Community management is done on the same basis for all people and with protocols that eliminate any type of prejudice or personal assessment.

Professional comms for all

Today, communication by text or voice is essential in communities and multiplayer games. AvalonCS offers two servers (Discord and TeamSpeak 3) so that players can communicate without sacrificing game performance. Free of charge and without conditions

No Paywalls or Privileges

AvalonCS firmly believes that all players should play equally, without paywalls in between, without privileges. All public features of our game servers are available, whether you are a member or not, free of charge and without conditions. Privilege and class are things of the past.

Professional Staff

Administrators are chosen based on their merits and experience based on transparent criteria. No corruption. We want human quality. In addition, the admins, once accepted, are trained to comply with our internal protocols.